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Aleph Champ

Aleph Champ


Aleph Champ is one of those simple ideas that causes people to ask themselves, "why didn't I think of that myself". Simply, in order to motivate children in Hebrew Schools to learn to read Hebrew, Aleph Champ copied the karate system of motivational coloured levels. Students start out on the White Champ Level, with a white champ book, white flashcards and a burning desire to pass to the next level.

One fine morning it dawned upon the founder that learning Karate was indeed quite similar to the reading program at the Hebrew School she was running. The parallels were incredible. First, both systems ran once a week, leaving way too much space time from class to class for any substantial progress. Second, at home, few parents were clued in to what the child was learning. 

With all these similarities, there was just one major difference. In Karate, students were motivated to progress, were practicing for test dates with friends, and graduated from level to level quite quickly. Hebrew reading at the Hebrew School however was looking quite different. Students were learning to read year after year, without too much motivation to progress and failing to read properly by the time they needed to read for their Bar and Bat Mitzvahs.  

So what was being done in Karate that could be adapted to the Hebrew School?  

When a student steps into a Karate class, it is very clear what level everyone is on. The teacher is a Black Belt. Some students who have been studying for years are Purple or even Brown Belts. Beginners wear White Belts and there is a plethora of other coloured belts.  

It is very clear what one needs to know in order to pass a level and the reward is merely the change in colour belt, a change in status.  

If only there was some way to divide reading into a clear colour coded system with levels easily defined and attainable... A program in which students would be excited about learning to read Hebrew and motivated to advance to the level of the teacher…  

And then Aleph Champ program was founded and we are very proud to be a part of it.


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