Explore our Curriculum and Hebrew Reading Program 


Our students learn to read Hebrew. They gain confidence and familiarity  with the siddur- prayer book.


Study of the weekly Torah portion provides our students with practical lessons that apply to our daily lives.


Students will gain an understanding and appreciation of each holiday and its traditions and customs through music, drama,  art and hands-on learning.


Our students will attain an affection for our heritage and a uniqueness of our homeland Israel


The students gain an appreciation of our heritage and culture that has been preserved through the ages.


Beginning with the origins of the mitzvot, stressing practical applications in our daily lives, our students will explore a personal jewishness.


Jewish Birthdays will be celebrated once a month with an exciting party during Hebrew School. We will be recognizing the students whose birthdays take place in the upcoming Jewish month. Those students will receive certificates with their Hebrew birthday, and goody bags, and the whole school will celebrate with birthday cupcakes or other special treat. This program will help familiarize the students with their Hebrew birthday, as well as the Jewish traditions associated with celebrating their Jewish birthday.


The aleph champion program is on the cutting edge of hebrew reading today. Modeled after the karate/ Martial Arts motivational system, it works by dividing different reading skills into levels defined by color. The students start out as "White Aleph Champs", working their way up the colors of a rainbow to be a "Black Aleph Champ" like their teachers.